Project Selection - Berlinale Co-Production Market

The projects 2020 will be announced in early 2020.

For now, you can still see the Official Project Selection, Co-Pro Series projects and "Books at Berlinale" projects for the Berlinale Co-Production Market 2019.

Official Projects

(in alphabetical order of production company):

  • Compartment Number Six (D: Juho Kuosmanen), Aamu Film Company, Finland
  • Alcarràs (D: Carla Simón), Avalon PC, Spain
  • The Hunt for the Puma (D: Marcela Said), Cinéma Defacto, France
  • Rule 34 (D: Júlia Murat), Esquina Filmes & Bubbles Project, Brazil
  • Hinterland (D: Stefan Ruzowitzky), FreibeuterFilm, Austria & Amour Fou Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Paradise (D: Bijon), Goopy Bagha Productions, Bangladesh, & Razor Film Produktion, Germany
  • The Kidnapping (D: Wang Yichun), Huace Pictures & Voilà Pictures, People’s Republic of China
  • Reshma Shera (D: Megha Ramaswamy), Jar Pictures, India
  • The Property (D: Dana Modan), July August Production, Israel & Extreme Emotions, Poland
  • Apollo (D: Arab and Tarzan Nasser), Les Films du Tambour, France
  • Petite Fleur (D: Santiago Mitre), Maneki Films, France & La Uniòn de los Rìos, Argentina
  • Home Away (D: Thanos Anastopoulos), Mansarda Production, Italy & Fantasia Audiovisual, Greece
  • A Responsible Adult (D: Shira Geffen), Marker Films, Israel
  • Chica_Chile_Norway (D: Ingvild Søderlind), Miso Film Norge, Norway
  • Je Suis Karl (D: Christian Schwochow), Pandora Film Produktion, Germany
  • Dominion (D: Boo Junfeng), Peanut Pictures, Singapore
  • The Souls (D: Tallulah H. Schwab), PRPL, The Netherlands
  • Nowhere Special (D: Uberto Pasolini), Red Wave Films, United Kingdom
  • For Real (D: Benjamin Cantu), Rohfilm Factory, Germany
  • Farewell o Earth (D: Ask Hasselbalch), Snowglobe, Denmark
  • Slash/Back (D: Nyla Innuksuk), Stellar Citizens & Scythia Films & Mixtape VR, Canada
  • Happy Sheep (D: Valéry Rosier), Wrong Men, Belgium

"Berlinale Directors" projects:

  • A Golden Shotgun (D: Alex Anwandter), Araucaria Cine & Panchito Films, Chile
  • From Malta to Oblivion (D: Axel Petersén), Flybridge, Sweden
  • Patrimonial Fears and Other Symptoms (D: Elina Psykou), Homemade Films & StudioBauhaus, Greece

"Rotterdam-Berlinale Express":

  • Stillborn (D: Olga Chajdas), Apple Film Production, Poland
  • Peaches (D: Jenny Suen), White Sea Pictures (P: Jenny Suen), Hong Kong & Salty Pictures, People’s Republic of China (see also “Talent Project Market”)

"Talent Project Market":

  • Three Brothers (D: Francisco Paparella), 3 Moinhos (P: Ana Alice De Morais), Brazil & Río Azul Films, Argentina
  • Each of Us (D: Anne Zohra Berrached, Carla Simón, Meritxell Colell), Alhena Production (P: Eva Pauné), Spain
  • Livramento (D: Lillah Halla), Arissas Multimidia (P: Clarissa Guarilha Santos), Brazil
  • Kullu Men Allah (D: Rotem Kaplinsky), Black Sheep Film Productions (P: Alona Refua), Israel
  • Bufis (D: Mahad Ahmed), Cultural Video (P: Vincenzo Cavallo), Kenya
  • Wolf (D: Nathalie Biancheri), Feline Films (P: Jessie Fisk), Ireland
  • The Driver (D: Lusine Sargsyan), Illusion Production (P: Ophelia Harutyunyan), Armenia
  • In-Law (D: Dar Gai), Jugaad Motion Pictures (P: Dheer Momaya), India
  • Autobiography (D: Makbul Mubarak), KawanKawan Media (P: Yulia Evina Bhara), Indonesia
  • Like a Limbless Tree (D: Tunç Davut), Tekhne Film (P: Sinem Altindag), Turkey
  • Peaches (D: Jenny Suen), White Sea Pictures (P: Jenny Suen), Hong Kong & Salty Pictures, People’s Republic of China

Company Matching (in alphabetical order of company):

  • Bord Cadre films, Switzerland
  • Heretic, Greece
  • One Two Films, Germany
  • Pimienta Films, Mexico
  • Proton Cinema, Hungary

Selected Projects for “Co-Pro Series” 2019

(in alphabetical order of production company):

  • Davos (Writers: Michael Sauter, Thomas Hess, Christoph Busche; D: Michael Krummenacher), Contrast Film Zürich, Switzerland
  • A Family Matter (Creator: Maja Jul Larsen; D: Pernille Fischer Christensen), DR Drama, Denmark
  • Reindeer Mafia (Writer: Sami Parkkinen; D: Mika Kurvinen, Mika Kaurismäki), Kaiho Republic, Finland
  • Trom (Writer: Torfinnur Jákupsson; D: tba), KYK Pictures, Faeroe Islands & REinvent Studios, Denmark
  • Clone (Writer/Director: Ole Giæver), Mer Film, Norway
  • Hacker (Writers: Andreas J. Riiser, Christian A. Owe, Amalie Kasin Lerstang; D: Andreas J. Riiser), Motlys, Norway
  • Napoleon (Creators/Showrunners: Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris; D: Agnieszka Holland), Saltire Entertainment, United Kingdom
  • Big Bones (Writer/Director: David Schalko), Satel Film & Superfilm, Austria
  • Flesh & Blood (Writer/Director: Michael Beran, Natalie Medlock; D: Tusi Tamasese), Tauihu Media, New Zealand & Bunya Productions, Australia

Project selected in cooperation with Series Mania:

  • Immunity (Creator/Writer: Niels Laupert; D: tbc), Jumpseat Filmproduktion & Real Film Berlin, Germany

The following literary works were selected for “Books at Berlinale” 2019:

(in alphabetical order of presenting companies)

  • Dance or Die (Ahmad Joudeh, Syria), DeA Planeta Libri, Italy
  • Love in Case of Emergency (Daniela Krien, Germany), Diogenes Verlag, Switzerland
  • Salt on our Skin (Benoîte Groult, France), Editions Grasset & Fasquelle, France
  • The Invisible Girl (Blue Jeans, Spain), Editorial Planeta, Spain
  • The Wannsee Murder (Lutz Wilhelm Kellerhoff, Germany), Elisabeth Ruge Agentur, Germany
  • The Girl with the Leica (Helena Janeczek, Germany), Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol, Italy
  • The Guest (Nermin Yıldırım, Turkey), Kalem Agency, Turkey
  • Keep Saying Their Names (Simon Stranger, Norway), Oslo Literary Agency, Norway
  • Play Dead (A.F. Th. van der Heijden, Netherlands), Singel Uitgeverijen, Netherlands
  • The Good Son (You-jeong Jeong, South Korea), The Artists
  • Rightful Blood (Francesca Melandri, Italy), The Italian Literary Agency, Italy
  • Great, And You? (Kathrin Weßling, Germany), Ullstein Buchverlage, Germany