EFM 2020 at a glance

Which are the main trends and the burning topics at the upcoming EFM? With a plethora of events programmed for Berlin and just a limited amount of time at hand: which events are not to be missed? The following overview helps you navigate the EFM and our Event Calendar.

Streaming Revolution

What is happening on the streaming frontier? What can we expect in the year ahead of us? One thing is clear: in 2020, streaming and VOD platforms, pay TV channels and others are omnipresent and a paradigm shift seems to have taken place when it comes to who’s setting the tone, behind the scenes or all out in the open (depending on where you are and whom you ask). New and undeniable players are both good for some of the business done but a true challenge or simple catastrophe for many others. Most of all: fragmentation and the lacking of a clear attitude and regulation of the business done by these new key players makes it easy for them to divide and rule. This EFM will see a number of seminars and talks in which the need is addressed to take action and set up pan-European regulations, and where new initiatives by well-known industry players are presented. Linked by #streamingrevolution you’ll be able to find the most interesting talks at a glance.


Sustainability is a major theme at this year’s market, in a year in which EFM’s Sustainability Manifesto kicks off the edition. We’re planning to improve and reinvent ourselves in the forthcoming 5 editions, starting this February. You can find events focusing on this all over EFM, but you’ll also notice it when ordering coffee or tea at one of our counters, it’s all about BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) in Berlin. But sustainability isn’t just making work greener, for us it also affects the quality of our working space throughout the year, including a focus on (mental) health, in actively promoting an inclusive approach to what we do and how we think of business.
Look for #sustainability in our Event Calendar to spot the best talks to attend. We’ll get back to you later this year to ask for your ideas and feedback, so we can work on making EFM 2021 even better and benefit from your experiences.


Over the years, EFM has become a market for the future and innovation is something we take seriously. EFM Horizon is a platform where innovation and industry pioneers are celebrated, but there’s more to discover and get inspired by during EFM in all its programme. Do you want to know about Africa’s Silicon Valley? Did you know that the most stunning archive footage is waiting for you to be licensed at the world’s most renowned archives present at EFM? Or are you aware of the fact that one of the world’s best intimacy consultants for fil sets is giving a talk at the Berlinale Series Market? For these and other innovative topics, keep an eye on #innovation and leave Berlin full on new ideas to work with back at home.


Diversity is written in capitals at EFM since three years now, and the market has successfully contributed to the beginning of a change in the industry and in politics at large. We’re keen on showing best inclusive practices, and aim at highlighting actionable, pragmatic, applicable and positive tools, solutions and take-aways for the diversification of our film world and the content produced as a part of it. In 2020, the Diversity programming includes themes such as the 5050 (x2020) movement, social impact series, the emergence of Indigenous-led episodic productions and the future of the African and African diaspora screen industries. Check #diversity for a better overview in our Event Calendar.

Healthy and happy

There’s a line of events at this year’s EFM that addresses the importance of a right work-life balance and the importance of health, all linked to a sustainable working place and to an industry that is receptive and open to diversity and inclusion. If you’re done with your business meetings and got a feeling already for what’s new and trending, why not focus on what will keep you healthy and happy at work? Visit the following events under #healthyandhappy and you’ll get back home with a broad smile on your face and energy for the next 10 months to come in 2020.